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History, trivia, facts and games about Canada and Canadians, one bite at a time. More content updated constantly. Topics include Province and Territory info and history, Prime Ministers, Weather, What happened on this day, why do we say...?, superlatives, flags, people, sports, music, and so much more! Everything on the site is free. Not seen anywhere else are Trivia Jigsaw Puzzles -- self extracting jigsaw puzzle that reveals Canadian trivia when completed. Ottawa Ontario
Canadian based site were a group is spoofing the paranormal. In 2004, after completing Dr. Spook’s two course “So You Want to Be a Paranormal Investigator!”, Amateur Investigators was formed. They were ready to take on the supernatural and become the saviours of humanity. This wasn’t the case. Like all new groups, Amateur Investigations had it set of drawbacks, with equipment failure, unexpected events, lost of members and almost being eaten by the Jersey Devil, they took some time to rethink the future of the group. After taken Dr. Spooks two day course, “Surviving the Dangers of the Supernatural,” in the beginning of 2006, they are back stronger then ever. Amateur Investigations has their own website, better equipment, and with the help of mind control drugs, new members. The group is a now set for that second try at the paranormal. They will face off vampires, ghosts, demons, probing aliens, monsters under the bed and that guy wearing the costume calling himself Bigfoot which can all be seen here at Amateur-Investigators.Com. There will be EVPs, videos, interviews and ads to help make them money. Come in and join the group. Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - gravestone transcriptions & photographs. Nokomis Saskatchewan

Cemeteries Research

 English Ancestor - genealogy, research and tuition
Based at Harrowsmith near Kingston, Ontario, I am a teacher and genealogist with more than 30 years experience. I specialize in English research... With the current growing interest in ancestry and family history (as demonstrated in the TV show "Ancestors in the Attic") I can help you begin your search for your roots, or advise you on how to make further progress. Genealogy is an enthralling pastime, yet requires specialist knowledge and experience in order to ensure success. I can help you find that elusive ancestor! Kingston Ontario
Paranormal Research
We are a non-profit organization who investigated anything paranormal. If you have activity in your home, contact us and we'll do our best to help explain what it is. The Southern Ontario Paranormal Society, dedicated to researching the history and paranormal aspects of reputed hotspots around the Ontario's Golden Horseshoe (Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown etc). We are not here to fake, doctor or mislead with any evidence we find. In fact we'll share it all in hopes to finding answers to this age old question we the human race has questioned since the beginning of time. Here we will provide all our information on what we find, what we experience and what our thoughts are. Burlington/Hamilton Ontario
 Bookyards Library To The World
E-Learning Softwares
Our goal is to be "The Library To The World", in which books, education materials, information, and content will be provided freely to anyone who has an internet connection. Bookyards has a total of 9,549 books, 22,391 web links, 3,038 news & blogs and 200,000 eBooks for your reading pleasure. (April 22nd 2006) Montreal Quebec
 CRP Health
Information portal about C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and hs-CRP testing for healthcare providers and general public featuring news, online presentations, videos and other resources. Montreal Quebec

Next to the (now former) Glenview Naval Air Base, but by the late 1990s had outgrown this location, prompting them to move to a larger facility in Vernon Hills, IL, where they have been located since 1998. Today, Jim Leahy Jr., is Chairman of the company and Tom Leahy serves as Vice Chairman. In April 2014, Angela Korompilas was named President of American Hotel.

American HotAmerican Hotel Register Company is a manufacturer and supplier of hospitality products and services and is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois.el

- Hong Nill Doe

American HotAmerican Hotel Register Company is a manufacturer and supplier of hospitality products and services and is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois.el

- Hong Nill Doe
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