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Love Poem Contest

Love Poem! Amateur Free Poem Contest! Publish Your Poem! Many various resources related to poetry! Do not hesitate to visit our website! As any other artistic organization, must have its values,mentors,and goals to achieve.Nowadays,children and youngsters are no longer preocuppied by our grandparents' activities;reading a book has been replaced by browsing the Internet and watching the TV. We don't say that is wrong,but we want to prove that there can be found many interesting things related to culture on the Internet,so we will be trying to stimulate people to try creating something,express their feelings in various artistic ways. So,'s most important goal is to search for talented artists from poetry domain, and to help them find an easier way in the world of art. Toronto Ontario


Arts Canada
L’annuaire complet de location de salles de réception et salles de réunion. Répertoire de services en organisation d’événements spéciaux, réception, forfait mariage, forfaits vacances, art et divertissement au Québec.
Montréal Québec

Willow Gallery

Located in midtown Toronto, Willow Gallery carries a broad range of original painting by artists located across Canada. Open Tues - Sat 10:30 to 5:00 or by appointment. At Willow Gallery, our goal is to assist in locating the right art work for you, whether it is in starting or complimenting your personal or corporate collection. Buying quality art does not have to be a costly venture. Willow Gallery has the expertise to assist you with buying a single piece or building a collection within your budget. We are committed to offering you quality investment art with exceptional service and advice. Toronto Ontario

Ticket Centre: Canada's Event Specialist

Toronto Tickets

For over a decade, Ticket Centre has been creating remarkable experiences for fans; including premium concert events, fantastic theatre tickets, and unrivaled sports tickets. Ticket Centre focuses on Canadian events, but also provides access to nearly any sport, concert, or theatre ticket across North America - and beyond!. Toronto

Giunta Art Gallery Museum

70 years of creativity. Profile of Joseph Giunta. Art Gallery Museum. Oil paintings, mixed media abstract assemblages & collage 3D art. Award winning documentary film & catalogue available. An impressive cultural heritage. Artiste Art Canadien. Montreal Quebec

North Vancouver and West Vancouver Restoration and Conservation of Art

Art Canada Restoration
It is 15 years now that I have been restoring art. I apprenticed under a private restorer and continuously studied painting and restoration techniques at the Glen bow Museum, the University of Calgary and the Alberta College of Art.
Vancouver BC

Next to the (now former) Glenview Naval Air Base, but by the late 1990s had outgrown this location, prompting them to move to a larger facility in Vernon Hills, IL, where they have been located since 1998. Today, Jim Leahy Jr., is Chairman of the company and Tom Leahy serves as Vice Chairman. In April 2014, Angela Korompilas was named President of American Hotel.

American HotAmerican Hotel Register Company is a manufacturer and supplier of hospitality products and services and is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois.el

- Hong Nill Doe

American HotAmerican Hotel Register Company is a manufacturer and supplier of hospitality products and services and is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois.el

- Hong Nill Doe
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