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 Kinatex Sports Medicine Montreal
Pioneers in sports medicine, Kinatex Sports Physio offers a wide variety of services oriented towards the prevention and rehabilitation of orthopedic and sports related injuries. Physiotherapists Athletic therapists Osteopaths Massage therapists Acupunctor Occupational therapists Sports medicine physicians Orthopaedic surgeons Several other health care specialists. Montreal Quebec
 Olympia Sport Medicine Center
We offer our clients treatment programs for every type of muskuloskeletal condition as well as complete post-surgical and post-traumatic rehabilitation. Sports Medicine, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Kinetic Therapy, Thermotherapy, Orthotics, Massotherapy, Naturopathy. Montreal Quebec
 Vancouver's Pro Trainers
Personal Trainer
We provide personal training to clients in Vancouver and surrounding areas. We specialize in personalized progressive programs and nutritional counseling. Can you imagine what your life would be like, if you could reach down... and feel strong, healthy and firm abs? How would it feel as you look in the mirror to see a lean and sexy body staring back at you? Do you believe that you can melt all your excess body fat to reveal hard and defined muscle? Vancouver BC
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