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LBC Data acquisition Terminals
CoPilot Computers
Industrial Computers TermiCom Industrial
Industrial Keyboards
Door control and converterDoor control and converter
Digital clock and display
Slot reader /proximity reader / fingerprint reader
Portable Data Terminals
Barcode readers/CCD and laser

Advanced Measurements
A leading integrator of PC-based, intelligent test, measurement and automation solutions. Our services range from short term consulting and training, to highly customized and complete project dev.

EXFO, a fiber-optic test, measurement, monitoring and automation company, offers portable and handheld instruments, industrial and scientific equipment and automated testing products for optical. UV Spot Curing: OmniCure® LX300, OmniCure® S2000, OmniCure® S1500, OmniCure® S1000. Radiometry: R2000 Radiometer, Cure Site Radiometer, Cure Ring Radiometer.

Distributor of test, measurement and calibration instruments and provider of NIST traceable ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services. Transcat sells calibrators, multimeters,

Electronic Manufacturing Equip Auctions
Test and measurement equipment. Semiconductor fabrication, electronic assembly. Bid today and get great deals at auction.

Test Measurement Products Canada
GPS and time code instrumentation solutions. Simple implementation. More featured results for test measurement ...

EEG, LTM & PSG Recording Systems Electrodes & Other Recording Supplies Amplifiers, Stimulators & Software for Research Portable Data Acquisition Recorders Telemetry Recorder-Workstations

Test and Measurement Solutions
Automatic test equipment
Test and measurement. Low cost, easy to use data acquisition hardware and software. Take your pick: PCI, USB, DSP, H/W, S/W and support.

Mr Test Equipment
Equipment Rental
Mr Test Equipment is an international company that specializes in sales of refurbished (reconditioned with full warranty) electronic test and measurement equipment like oscilloscopes, etc. Test Equipment : Testing Equipment, Equipment, Electrical, Equipment For Sale, Equipment Rental, Cable Test Equipment, Electrical Test Equipment, Test An Electrical, Electrical Equipment, Sheet Metal Forming. Testing Equipment : Electrical Equipment, Sheet Metal Forming, Equipment, Asphalt, Leak, Electrical, Construction, Mechanical, Electrical Products, Electrical System, Electrical Engineer. Equipment For Sale : Equipment, Construction Equipment For Sale, Backhoes,
Loader, Concrete Equipment...

Potentiometer Position with Analog Inputs

Manta Test System
Machine Control
Products and services related to protective relay testing, measurement, control. Specialists in Protection Performance Testing : Protective Relay Test Sets, Protective Relay Test Software, Powermeters for relay and meter testing, Transducer calibration systems...

Innosiv Engineering Services
Industrial process control
System integration and test and measurement automation software.

W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises Canada
Surplus electronic test & measurement equipment, scientific & laboratory instruments, radio equipment, tubes, manuals, calibration and repair. Find all the latest information on these topics: Automatic Identification, Building Automation, Design & Simulation, Digital Factory, Electrical & Control Panels, Embedded Automation, Factory Automation, Fieldbus Networks, Fluid Power, Valves & Pumps, HMI & Operator Interfaces, Industrial Communications, Industrial Computers, Industrial I/O, Machine Control, Machine Safety, Machine Tools, CNC & DNC, Manufacturing Intelligence, Material Handling, Motion Control, Motors & Drives, OPC, Packaging, Plant Engineering & Maintenance, PLCopen, Power & Energy, Process Control, Process Instruments, Process Safety, Programmable Automation Controller (PAC), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Robots & Robot Controllers, SCADA & RTU, Security, Sensors, Systems Integration, Test, Measurement & LIMS, Vision, Wireless Connectivity...

TechniCAL Systems 2002
Premier provider of Test, Measurement & Control Instrumentation Sales, Metrology and Calibration Training Programs, Facilities Maintenance Management and Calibration Management Software Solutions. Manufacturer Listing: 4g Technologies, AEMC Instruments, AESOPS, Amprobe, BETA Calibrators, Comark, CompWest, Conzerv Systems, Cooper-Atkins, Ecom Instruments, EDL, FasTest - FasCal, HOTO Instruments, IMADA, Kaymont Industries, Kyoritsu, Martel Electronics, MTECH, NK Technologies, PPM Instruments, Prime Technologies, ProComSol, Quartzlock, Ranger, REED Instruments, Rice Lake, Sensorlink Corp., Simpson Electric, techniCAL Systems, Transmille, VAISALA, WorkPlace Training. techniCAL offers a variety of instruments and controls, serving many industries including; Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Electrical manufacturers, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Utilities (Power, Gas, Water), etc.

Pressure, Temperature & Flow, Instrumentation for calibration measurement and test. We are a Canadian company specializing in calibration & process instruments for field, shop production and

Tektronix Canada
Noise Measurement
Tektronix is a leading provider of a broad range of test, measurement and monitoring equipment for global communications networks. All You Need to Confidently Design, Test, Measure and Monitor: For more than sixty years, engineers have turned to Tektronix for test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation to solve design challenges, improve productivity and dramatically reduce time to market. You can always count on us to give you the domain expertise, innovation, performance, practical advice and quality you need. Products: Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multimeters, Probes & Accessories, Video Test...

Leeson Canada
Test and Measurement Catalogue Download pdf copy New Gear Catalogue Has Practically Everything Cast iron, aluminum, right-angle, inline, metric - now they're all in the same book. Featuring all

MAX Technologie
Programmable Automation Controllers
Manufacturer of avionic databus and test & measurement solutions for ARINC 429/575, ARINC 561/568, ARINC 629, RS-232/422/485, CSDB, MIL-STD-1553A/B, Analog, DIO, IEEE-488 on PCI, cPCI, VME, VXI

Distributors of test instrumentation for all your measurement needs. Accuenergy, AEMC Instruments, Array Electronics, Associated Power, ATS Systems, Bauser, Canadian Shunt Ind., Conax, dataTaker, DEIF A/S, Fibox, Gossen GMBH, Grant Data Loggers, Hsiang Cheng, Jewell, ITI Transformers, Magtrol, Megger, Monarch Instrument, Senex, Slaughter, Standard Electric, Superior Electric, Texmate, Triplett Corp., Virginia Panel Corp., Yokogawa. Controllers and Indicators, DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads, Enclosures, Fiber Optic Testers, Mass Interconnect Solutions, Motor Testing Equipment, Panel Meters (Analog), Panel Meters (Digital), Portable Test Instruments, Power Sources (AC), Power Protection, Pressure Instruments, Shunts, Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Sealing Assemblies, Test and Measurement Instrumentation, Transducers, Transformers.

Select Productivity Group Lean Manufacturing
selectlean.com (Not responding)
We are not experts in your Industry - we are experts in Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvement.

Industrial Productivity Services for Lean Manufacturing, Workcells Cellular Manufacturing, health and safety review, ergonomic review, 5S Standardized Work, MODAPTS time studies, work. Work Measurement & Standards: Industrial Productivity Services (IPS) performs Work Measurement as the first step in making Improvements. Machine and Processes must be timed. Operator timing is performed using MODAPTS (MODular Arrangement of Pre-Determined Time Standards). Further changes can be planned on the basis of objective Work Measurement. Methods Analysis & Improvement: Industrial Productivity Services (IPS) systematically subjects your operation to close scrutiny, challenging jobs & operations. With this analysis we develop better Methods that result in Improvements.Focusing on clear objectives, Work Simplification can result in increasing the Value Added component to labour and decreased redundancies.

Shop floor data collection devices, Symcod, Serial data acquisition system, industrial computer manufacturer. Manufacturier mondial depuis 1990 dans le développement d'équipements de collecte de données. Terminaux de collectes de données série LBCTerminaux de collectes de données série LBC, Ordinateurs série CoPilot (Windows XPe)Ordinateurs série CoPilot (Windows XPe), Ordinateurs, industriels série TermiComOrdinateurs industriels série TermiCom, Claviers industrielsClaviers industriels, Contrôle d'accès et convertisseurContrôle d'accès et convertisseur, Horloge et afficheurHorloge et afficheur, Fente de lecture / lecteur proximité ou d'empreintesFente de lecture / lecteur proximité ou d'empreintes, Terminaux portables, RF ou batchTerminaux portables, RF ou batch, CCD et lecteurs laser, CCD et lecteurs laser...

Acoustics | Data Acquisition | Transducers | Environmental Test Equipment | Vibration Welcome to Dalimar Instruments. Dalimar delivers cutting-edge technology in acoustics, data

Optimum Instruments provides solutions on remote/wireless data collection and acquisition through hardware and software solutions. Our new Data Dolphin product records your sensors in the field. Introducing the DD-200, a new Level Controller with Datalogger for your level monitoring needs! Capable of monitoring up to 5 analogs, 8 DST Ultrasonic Level Sensors signals and 3 seperate relay driving outputs. Connect via RS-232 or with any of our wireless communication devices to access your data. The DD-200 is the ultimate tool for wireless monitoring application.

Hyperspectral Data International
HDI is a specialized geomatics firm offering high resolution digital airborne image acquisition and data processing services. Airborne surveys are conducted for environmental and resource. InnoSim, WebLAM, ProfileVIEW, ModemView, InnoTEST...

Rts Services Provides Customized Scada Based Data Acquisition Software And Service For The Oil And Gas Industry In Western Canada. real Time Data Facilitates Immediate Action And Reaction. SCADA, Instrumentation, Calibration and Electrical Services : In addition to the products offered, RTS Services offers companies involved in the petroleum and natural gas industry a number of services to reduce costs and increase profitability. These services include installation and servicing of field instrumentation, calibration of flow meters to meet government regulations, installation of 3rd party equipment, and other electrical services.

Gage is the world leader in high quality, ultra-fast data acquisition and instrumentation products for the PCI and CompactPCI/PXI bus. Gage's A/D and D/A cards provide high speed, high data acquisition...

USB Data Acquisition
CSS Telemanagement supplies hardware/software solutions for centralized PBX, voice/data networks management - alarm management, secure remote access, Web-based tools/services, data acquisition,

DKD Oilfield Solutions
dkdoilfield.com (In validation process)
DKD Oilfield Solutions is a specialized software developer and systems integrator and service provider in the Data Acquisition Software Industry.

Proda Corp.
Proda specializes in developing and integrating automated test, data acquisition, and control systems. Proda has a particular interest in developing products for specialized markets. We thrive by bringing technological expertise and products to new markets and to markets that do not usually get attention from incumbent product developers. Please refer to the Prototyping and Product Development page for more information on how we can help you with your product development projects. Proda is currently developing various products in house. Come back soon for more information on these products and opportunities associated with them.

Survalent Technology - Quindar Products
Industrial Automation
Quindar Products Over 30 years of experience in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Master stations, RTUs and IED interfaces.

Binnington Development Corporation - Focus Products Division
focusonoptimization.com (Have to be validated)
Binnington Development Corporation's suite of engineered industrial products-FOCUS-HSDA, a high-speed data acquisition system; FOCUS-SOE, a concise sequence of events recorder; and FOCUS-AI, an...

Interactive Circuits and Systems
Data acquisition products for embedded sensor processing market.

Controls Engineer

Instantel, Advanced vibration monitoring and data acquisition. Since 1982, Instantel monitors have earned their position as the world’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. Used in over 110 countries, Instantel seismographs monitor ground vibration, air and water over pressure created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying, and construction activities. Minimate Pro6, Minimate Pro4, Minimate Plus, Minimate Blaster, Blastmate III, Blastware Software, InstaLink Web Based Monitoring, Sensors & Accessories...

Hardware Services 1. Design A. System Weather Radar Systems (Doppler & Conventional) Data acquisition. Remote command and control monitoring Environmental impact monitoring (battery operated...

Technel Engineering is a Canadian based representative company, incorporated in 1986 to service the Canadian marketplace in the fields of Calibration Standards, Pressure and Position Transducers, Instrumentation, Data Acquisition. Technel Engineering products include Budenberg, DH, Barometric Pressure, Calibrators, Current Shunts, DAQ, DAS, Data Acquisition, Deadweight, Deadweight Testers, Digital Recorders, Gauges, Hand...

ATS Automation Tooling Systems develops automated test systems that deliver extremely high reliability and fast cycle times for some of North America's leading companies. Automated Test Systems : ATS Test Systems has designed and built custom test equipment in diverse industry sectors including: Biomedical, Consumer Products, Electronics and Electrical, Renewable Energy Sources, Automotive, Telecommunications...

Welcome to Southwell Controls, manufacturer of high quality SIRCO water and wastewater samplers, and seller of instrumentation products. We are proud to announce that as of 2004 Southwell Controls has a NEW OWNER! Under the new ownership, we have made improvements to both the company and our line of samplers. We make the industry's BEST SAMPLERS, with minimal servicing and repair. If you're looking for a water sampler, a wastewater sampler, a liquid sampler, or an effluent sampler, Sirco Samplers is the right choice for you. See how our patented vacuum sampling technology is the best in accuracy, simplicity, reliability and durability. So visit our sampler website today. DESIGN – process control monitoring systems CONTROL PANELS – design manufacture (CSA approved) BLOX – black liquor oxidation / NA 2 S sensor SAMPLERS – effluent / wastewater / process fluids...

Emerson Process Management - Valve Automation Division

Divisions - Asset Optimization - Machinery Health Management - Electrical Reliability Services - Performance Monitoring Optimization - Instrument

Bristol Babcock Canada
Our innovative products meet the measurement, monitoring and control needs of the water, wastewater, oil, gas, and process industries with functionality, quality and uncompromising service.

New Age Robotics & Controls was established in March 1989 as a robotic service company. We concentrated on electronic repair, servomotor repair and robot cycle time optimization. Since then, while still maintaining our initial profile, New Age Robotics has evolved to cover all areas related to an automatic manufacturing process. This includes building and supplying of equipment as well as repairs, programming, training and consulting. This full service capability has helped us become highly competitive in the area of robotic automation...

FIRST Robotics Canada - Canadian Regional Competition
firstcanadianregional.org (Url currently not responding)
Canada's springboard for competitive FIRST robotics Greater Toronto FRC Regional FIRST Lego League Canada Waterloo FRC Regional. Toshiba Logic Controllers, Online Training on PLC Programming, PLC Training, PLC Programming Experts, PLC Training AB Rslogix 500 & 5000 DVDs, Control Systems Engineer, Control Systems, Controls Engineering Degree, Process Control Engineer, Noise Measurements, Vibration Measurement, Agilent Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Sound Level Meter, Complete Voice Quality Testing...

Art & Robotics Group
Our unique combination of exhibition space and production facilities provides a public forum for the development and discussion of artistic practices involving interactivity, networked and remote connection, and the interface of the physical...

Sinclair Sprockets (1075)
Sinclair Sprockets Team 1075 - Sinclair Secondary School team in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Micro Trend Robotics
INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS for manufacturing CNC GAUGING for brakes and shears Punch presses Cut to length lines and front sheet feeders for shears DEPTH CONTROL RETROFIT PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION NEW REPLACEMENT OF CONTROLS MOVIE PROPS M16 RIFLES & M7 PISTOLS Special display for events, see NIKE WORLD CUP SOCCER Robocop nuclear bomb prop Printed circuit board design and produce Special machines, " PEOPLE ASSIST ROBOTICS DEVICES " Chess for the handicapped...

Inca Metal Cutting
incametalcutting.com (Processing the url soon)
Inca Metal Cutting is an industry leader in metal cutting, fabrication, forming, welding, robotics, machining, assembly, finishing and engineering. We ship worldwide.

Solutions for maximised productivity : Festo is a worldwide leading supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology. The globally aligned, independent family enterprise with headquarters in Esslingen, Germany, has evolved into a performance leader within its respective industry over a period of 50 years as a result of innovation and problem solving competence covering all aspects of pneumatics, and thanks to its unique offerings in the field of industrial training and vocational education.

Opus Automation is a Robot Systems Integrator which specializes in Flexible Automation solutions using highly articulated Gantry and jointed arm robots.

BOYTOYS Hobby, Sicence and Robotics store
(Url to be tested)
We offer unparallel service in hobby and tech toys item and we promote educational hobbies to the younger generation

Computational Robotics and Motion Planning Research
Home About News and Events Undergraduate Graduate Co-op/Internship Courses People Research CITR CNL CRMP CSDL DCL ERL G. Chapman ICL IMMR IRMS ISG MCL MIROSOT URL WISTTE Reference Student Society.

Experimental Robotics Laboratory (ERL)
Home About News and Events Undergraduate Graduate Co-op/Internship Courses People Research CITR CNL CRMP CSDL DCL ERL G. Chapman ICL IMMR IRMS ISG MCL MIROSOT URL WISTTE Reference Student Society

Elrex - Custom manufacturing of electronic insulation and protective components for the electronic and telecommunication industry.

Brite Manufacturing, manufacturers of lattice and deck accessories for over a decade, continue to lead the industry in quality products of exceptional value. The only manufacturer of pressure

Stakeholder Information Management Software

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