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Compared to a CRM application, a stakeholder engagement softwares is primarily a cost-efficient tool used a an online collaboration platform mobilizing all the people involved in a project processes. Save hours of research, boost your productivity and take advantage of ready-to-use templates easy to understand by any one without a long prior training.

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1. Accurate measurements : traditional surveys, vox pop, focus groups or ad hoc phone surveys are great but they all lack that real-time fully integrated accuracy of detailed informations (let's say "deep data") provided by a stakeholder engagement software. Every minute of the day, the applications records and saves data from any possible interaction between involved people in the projects (managers, developpers, shareholders, potential clients, etc.) and provides a clear overview as well as instant analytics and interpretation algorithms that help making better decisions. On the larger scale, it brings opportunities to do better every new coming hour while the processes are in progress.

2. Reducing costs : multiple surveys, questionnaires and in-depth analysis requiring hundreds of spot checks and direct person to person consultation remains a very expensive way to gather reliable data. The problem is that in order to justify such expense of money, the company needs to make sure of a guaranteed return on investments for its owners and/or stockholders. So, many organization leaders just prefer to skip that step and make their decisions based on intuition and free guess. On the other hand, a stakeholder management software may cost as less as hundreds of dollars per month to operate (which includes the interconnection of all people at stake and having a level of implication in the active network). It also encourages constant contributions of everyone while any contributor can obtain a quick recognition for the quality of their involvement, ideas and dedications among the others. That way, it becomes an additional tool used by bosses and HR departments to evaluate the performance of project managers and employees.

3. No more commuting, no more travels, no more long lasting meetings in the conference room at your office : When it's time to collaborate, you can mobilize your troops 24/24h and wherever they currently are around the globe. In other words, there is a never ending collaboration around the clock with that collaborative system that allows to reach your goals faster while making decisions with a complete picture of all the data and easy to arrange processes in mind. Distant venues are indeed no longer required for a company which has multiple branches and teams around the world.

4. A multi-platform mobile app : Advanced stakeholder information softwares are compatible to work with desktop computers, tablets and smart phones using as much bandwidth as possible.

5. Increasing the number of actual contributors : Non-traditional people and tools are added while even a distant secretary, a representative or calling center staff can be connected in order to provide first hand high quality feedbacks, unique viewpoints and test results to managers.

6. Transparent processes : Constantly recording all activity allows a manager to identify whom distinguishes himself with a spectacular contribution, responsible of a specific success or accountable for a mistable or poor judgement. You get an audit of every activity from everyone and control his actual contribution. In case of wrongfulness, commited fraud or negligence, it's the perfect tool to not only protect your organization but also to get rid of distorsion and lack of involvement among your troops.

7. Getting investors involved : There is a growing demand from venture capital stakeholders to get a direct view and participation in a named project. It's no longer enough to just send monthly reports or answering your phone to keep them informed about what you are doing with their investment. A stakeholder information management software speaks by itself about the quality and intensity of the efforts and the intelligence deployed by the company to reach designed business goals. Your venture investors might also participate in real-time with their own expertise as outsiders and benefit to your project.

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8. Being sure to connect developers and users : At last, you can maintain a permanent dialog and logic between those who develop and those who use. Historically, businesses adopted a silo working mind-set and tested a product "in situ" afterwards. For decades, the main idea was : if you build it, they will certainly use it. However, it's a a dangerous strategy and it exposes your business to an epic failure.


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