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4.8 beaded panels of Scrapped Pear Floor / Coastal Spice / Desert Grey / 6MM Clic

Remove the stains with a non abrasive sand blasting equipment available for rental at our store (price 240$/day).

Pine plybead panels are ideal for interior and weather-protected ares where durability is an essential home matter. Handcrafted mixed grain cedar shingle panels. Sierra maple solid nail down installation with prefinished.

Carmel acacia engineered wide plank float-in specifically designed to for no gluing down process.

Berkley Moulded color guard Savannah series for a beautiful statement that lasts a lifetime with Easytech for DIY.

When it comes to hardwood floors, the term is not about the hardness but about the fiber density (so it's way heavier than softwood). Most of the available and used species by manufacturers grew in tropical regions live Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico and New Zeland. For centuries, cabinet makers and wood workers used it for flooring and furniture as well. It's also known for its amazing durability and longevity and we still can find them today in old mansions from the 19th century everywhere in United States, France and United Kingdom. If you take care of your hardwood floors using the proper cleaning and maintenance products + the appropriate water-based finishes, yours should last as long as those in antique houses. You can expect that your bungalow floors will still be there 100 years after your own death as the original owner.

The classic beauty of that type flooring is another major advantage and it thoroughly transforms your home in a different place by its timeless look. Maybe you can't afford to buy a 1 million dollar house of dream but you can have the same hardwood floors made from exotic species like cocobolo, white oak of sycamore.

Others will appreciate the hypoallergenic value (no dust), the highest level of insulation (sakura, sydney blue and hickory are natural sound-deadening membranes like the thick and scrapped coastal spice surface model) or the easy to clean process.. But it remains that it's an investment because you will be getting a higher resale price for your cottage or family house when you will want to put it on the real estate market.

Eucalyptus from Brazil : also called rose gum or flooded gum, this specie has a rich dark colour and is easy to varnish (require only 2 thin coatings during a 24 hour period) because its grains are interlocked. The finished texture is uniform and the hardness is about 30% harder than jatoba and 80% than Canadian maple. Manufacturers appreciate it to create mouldings (and custom joineries), kitchen cabinets and vintage stairs. Easy to nail and glue, requires a thin polishing and remains dry under de finish (doesn't absorb more than 30% of the oil-based finish).

Eucalyptus hardwood floor finish dye

Red mahogany (coarse design) from Australia and New Zeland : More popular than ever in Quebec and Canada, the mahogany was formerly used in shipyards for sea boats for its resistance to salted water. Best used for the outdoor patio and decks near the lake for your shack, it is also recommanded for the bathroom. Installed with painted steel staples, the level of imperfections is very low and you need to use a magnifying glass to make them visible. The hardness is about 150% harder than cedar and rose river gum and you can order a dinning table and chairs made from mahogany that will fit the fiber and look of your brand new hardwood floor (starting price 4.900$ for a set of 6 guests). The water-based finish with a satin luster requires 3 coats of polyurethane finish but it dries fast (lest than 8 hours per application).

Hardwood polyurethane finish dining set.

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Scrapped Pear Wood Floor
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Vertical sandless dry mop to remove the dirt without damaging you material and surfaces. Weight of only 2.1 lbs including the pole and made from cotton and polyester in order to clean and retreive the tiny particles your eyes don't necessary see.

Dry mop for hardwood floors

Bucket kit with spiral mop for the finish application.

Bucket and finish applicator

Water damage restoration heart pine floor

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Italian stiles cabreuva

Brazilian cherry with a Cordovan stain

Italian stiles mouldings and wall niches

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