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Available types and materials : aluminium, steel, pvc, hybrid and vinyl

Casement Windows : Those models are opened by using a crank that can be swung open from the left or right sides. They are extremely popular due to their superior ventilation, tight seal and high performance ratings. We carry and install a full line of casement windows.

Single Hung Tilt Windows : They are one of the most traditional styles. One sash is movable (usually the bottom one) and the other one is fixed. The installer can also tilt them which makes cleaning much easier for the home owner. Traditional and classic, bottom sash slides up for excellent ventilation and tilts in for easy cleaning. Heavy duty extruded screen keeps the bugs outside and lets the fresh air in. Energy efficient glass systems.

Double Hung Tilt Windows : Those feature two sashes that slide vertically past each other which enables the upper and lower sections to be opened by the occupant. As well as the single hung tilt model, this one is convenient for hand cleaning from the inside of the house. Ideal for temperature control because you can control the airflow (manually). Sashes can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. It is indeed the most popular window style in Canada, especially in the region of Montreal and Toronto GTA. Vinyl construction reduces maintenance and improves energy efficiency. Personalize with an array of custom options including colors and woodgrains.

Bay Windows : Those are three-sided (means 3 connected frames mounting any number of glass panels) and are designed to actually provide more interior living space by protruding beyond the wall of the room. You can have them equiped with seating (as a genuine integrated piece of furniture) within the space created by the vinyl window's shape.

Bow Windows : Means four or more adjoining windows that fort a bow and actually provide additional living spaces to home by protruding beyond the wall of the room. They are considered as stronger than the 3-sided bay models and can mount up to 4 layers of glass in order to get a higher insulating ratio.

Slider Windows : The less expensive alternative, those are built with sashes that are side-by-side and can be opened by sliding horizontally while one sasha remains stationary. There is no limit to the size, the available colors and the interior woodgrain finishes. Most of them are graded Energy Star. Triple-fin enhanced interlocking meeting rail for a tight seal. Unlike the Tilt-N-Slide, it's green and helps to eliminated what is called "vampire power" (understand "energy wasted" when there is some sort of air infiltration).

Vinyl slider window

Understanding glass insulation capability :

Each frame cast acts as a receiver for the following parts : low-e insulated glass, argon gas fill, double panes, spacer, sill and nail flange. Those elements are fixed together and assembled at the factory. A proper installation reduces heat loss during the winter as well as keeping the heat inside. If you have the budget for it, it's recommended to select a high density surface which has the characteristic of being "hydrophilic". That way, it discourages insects and dirt from accumulating. So, it's easier to wipe and clean the area as a crystal clear. Also, the angle of the invisible dense grains produce a mirror effect that keeps your privacy from people eyes and the outside world.

Thermos glass vinyl triple window
Offer full service renovation/remodel of new or existing homes

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Instantly lower your air conditioning and winter heating bills with our armored and scratch free vinyl windows. We are a well-known doors and windows manufacturer located in Toronto manufacturing products with materials that won't corrode, rust or scratch over time.100% guaranted customer satisfaction

Vinyl windows manufacturer Toronto

Offers you a wide variety of products for your home including doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters, banisters, balconies, columns and floors. You can make your choices in a catalog or ask for custom design. We can proceed to any kind of "brick to brick" installation" that requires the repair or the whole replacement of any parts and elements including clean caulking and capping, trims, brickmoulds, frames and sash as well as enlarging openings. We can also install a variety of retrofits in order to save money (allows the owner to keep the old iron or steel frame) professionally factory painted that match the color of your property. Choice of glasses offering a balanced solution between solar control, solidness, light weight and one-way visibility.

Vinyl bay window GTA Toronto
A Canadian Doors and Windows Manufacturer and Distributor establish in GTA Toronto since 1974. We manufacture high quality vinyl windows at our 110.000 square foot factory based in Concord Ontario. As a dealer of casement, bay windows, bow windows, double hung, patio doors and entry doors, enjoy a complete peace of mind with our "Zero Defect" warranty. If you have sustainable development and eco-friendly products in mind, vinyl windows are 90% to 98% recyclable because like any thermoplastic, that kind of material is perfectly meltable and remoldable into other manufacturing components without polluting the environment.

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