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Wet cast mouding requiring cement/fly ash/aggregates and clean water with wires or pipes of steel as a strong reinforcement. Vibrations are needed in order to manufacture dense, thick and stable concrete blocks and a dry cast mold doser has to be designed and produced for the blending (example: industrial manholes are made with silicon dry cast molds). On the opposite, the stone wet casting (dry tamp) process requires plastic aggregates in the concrete mix to raise the level of hydration and improve the open moulded hydraulically pressed shape with the use of a custom vibrating table. The result is a manufactured item that has the same quality (look and strenght) inside than on the outer face.

Wet cast hydraulic pump

Fillers for wet cast molds + dry cast blue prints
Fiberglass Fabric
Fiberglass Resins
Carbon Fiber Fabric + more
Primer / Coatings
Pigments Epoxy/Polyester
Pigments Silicone/Urethane
Pigments Powder
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Your North American single source supplier of castings and forgings for automotive, agricultural and general manufacturing needs.

Canada Forgings Inc. is a Canadian owned custom forging producer founded in 1912. The company operates two plants on 8-1/2 acres of land in Welland. One for closed die forgings.

Castings Directory - foundry equipment, wet cast machines and castings supplies
Over 2.000 foundries and related companies: steel castings, iron castings, aluminum castings, bronze castings, foundry supplies, foundry consumable and others.

Custom Aluminum Foundry Miscellaneous
Oversize Castings Cast-In Tubing Production Castings Mold Castings Prototype Castings

Ilco Unican Capitol Division
Aluminum Castings Foundry
The Zinc Die Casting Specialists At Capitol, we are committed to providing maximum value to our customers. Our whole process approach to zinc die casting and steel stamping offers advantages...

ILKWANG Metal Forming Machine with rollers

Barrie Casting Technologies
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BCTI provides a complete Die Cast Service from concept through to complete assembly. We have plants in Canada and Asia supplying castings in North America and Europe.

Industrial Casting Prototyping

Fabrication and installation services for sculptors
Cast Iron
Vince Graham provides technical consultation, fabrication and installation services to fine artists working on permanent steel, bronze and aluminum fountains, constructions and castings.

Aluminum Casting

Investment Castings Canada
Located in Thorold, Ontario, Canada, Peninsula Alloy is a custom foundry producing low and medium volume production and jobbing castings. Registered ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System and SGS...

Johnson Matthey Miscellaneous - Precision Casting Division
Engineered Castings
At Johnson Matthey, Precision Castings Division, we manufacture near net shape investment castings in ferrous and nonferrous alloys that provide a substantial cost advantage over other methods.

Cash Mould & Castings
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Specializing in Aluminum and Zinc castings using the Graphite and Iron Permanent Mould Process

Concrete Wet Cast for Manufacturing Processes
Wet Cast Portable Machine

Bowmanville Foundry Company
Casting and Forging
The Bowmanville Foundry has a long history of technical innovation and process leadership in the manufacture of Ductile, Gray and Malleable Iron castings.

Haley Industries Miscellaneous
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Magellan Aerospace Corporation, Haley Industries and Presto Casting Company produce precision sand castings in aluminum and magnesium for the aerospace industry...

Techmire is the global leader in the design and manufacture of multiple-slide die casting machines for precision components, Zinc, Die, Diecast, Die casting, Die castings, Cast, Casting, Castings.

Investment Casting Metal Injection Molding Powder Metal Die Casting Extrusion Forging Fire Retardant 2001 JYI DAR Hardware Supplier INC. http:/ or http:/

Hastings Brass Foundry Ltd. Canada Vancouver
hasbra, fire fighting equipment, hydraulic valves, marine, fishing equipment, manufacturing, sand casting, moulding, shell core.

Brass Foundry

Harrington Aluminum Foundry Ltd. is a producer of quality aluminum sand castings using various alloys. Located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada; we have been assisting our customers in the design and...

Pattern Equipment
Provides pattern, model, and mould making services to many areas of industry. We typically make patterns for all types of castings that are to be produced in a sand...

Quality lead castings for nuclear and medical radiation shielding.

OCL Industrial Materials Ltd.
Metal (Website Under Construction)
OCL Industrial Materials Ltd. Suppliers of Superior Products Services Since 1945 Metal Casting Surface Preparation Golf Course Products Volleyball Sand Courts Recycling Program Packaging

Hall Ironworks 905-371-2590 Custom Iron Work For Residential, Commerial And Industrial, Gates, Fencing. Production Welding, Forging.

Norsteel Building Systems
Home About Us Services Projects Contact Us Welcome Norsteel Mission Statement: To be a leader in metal building systems by focusing on superior market driven products and services.


Subcontractor in the manufacturing of custom made products: steel working, stainless steel, aluminium, welded assemblies, machine part, component, laser cut, ISO 9002, ANSI/AWS, CSA.


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