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 TransWorldNews Canada
TransWorldNews presents the latest in interactive online news distribution. Through the synergy of the services we offer, TransWorldNews is committed to creating global exposure for your company. We welcome you to upload your news releases, submit your company profile, and enroll in the exclusive TWNkey directory, which together “Connect your Business to the World. We founded TransWorldNews on our firm belief in one principle: Your news is only valuable when readers are able to act upon it. TransWorldNews is committed to connecting your business to the world by empowering people to act upon the news they read. Monroe Ontario
 Canadian Lattitude
News Canada
A lively Canadian Forum. Canadian News, Entertainment and Political forums. Surrey BC
 Canada Kicks Ass - Your Source for Canadian Content
CKA is a site to promote Canadian patriotism, nationalism, Canadian sovereignty and democracy. A Canadian portal offering news, pictures, forums, shopping, downloads, babes and much more Canadian content. Vancouver BC
 Thomas Terrio's View from the West
News, current events. photography, and editorial opinions from a Western Canadian perspective. Vancouver BC
 YListen Radio
YListen to Yevgeny from 2-4 AM Sunday mornings to hear the latest and greatest in electronica and indie rock from Canada and around the world. Ylisten is a show which dedicates itself to playing music that you would not typically hear - because of its innovative and creative nature (art music) - from all genres, while educating you about the music that is being played. The primary focuses are on Rock and Electronica, however, all genres are played. Yevgeny is a second year student of Economics at the University of Waterloo. In his spare time, he researches and appreciates music so he can bring great music to you, his wonderful, wonderful Ylisteners. Waterloo Ontario
 Canadian Automotive Journalist Kevin \"Crash\" Corrigan
Car news
The home of Canadian Automotive Journalist Kevin Corrigan. Member of The International Motor Press Association. Toronto Ontario
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