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Canadian search engine offering pay per click advertising and an affiliate program in both English and French. is a division of PPC Media Inc., a Canadian company. Our goal is to provide quality traffic and advertising opportunities for Canadian and world wide advertisers seeking for Canadian customers. We offer bid for position and pay per click advertising through our network of high quality web sites partners. We provide our advertisers with real time stats and complete control of their advertising campaign through our advertisers' member area. Montreal Quebec
Free People Search - Find people through phone directory, name, and address queries. Free People Search helps you find the one you are looking for. Whether you are looking to meet someone new, or re-connect with lost loved ones, we have the free resources to assist you in your people search! To proceed with your free people search try one of the forms included on our address search, phone number search or email search pages. You might be surprised at how easy it is to find people. Winnipeg Manitoba
 Scientific Data
Cet organisme a pour mission la démocratisation des données scientifiques. Nous développons des outils accessibles via le Web pour assister les scientifiques, les chercheurs, les ingénieurs et les étudiants dans leurs recherches. Nous voulons permettre à ces derniers de simplifier leur travail en réduisant le temps de recherche et le coût des logiciels. Nous offrons aux gens la possibilité de consulter nos bases de données, d'utiliser des outils d'analyse et de participer à des groupes de discussion sans aucun frais. De plus vous pouvez profiter de notre réseau de contacts composé d'entreprises, de chercheurs, d'informaticiens et de mathématiciens. Montreal Quebec
A list of the hottest dating sites for adults, swingers, alternative lifestyles, gay, lesbians and more. We offer a variety of options to get your website the traffic it needs to be successful. Our system works through a service called "pay-per-click" where members add their websites to our search engine and only pay for results you actually see. This option allows you to list your site with an opportunity to be ranked #1 on a search engine...where else can you find this option for just pennies. You can promote your links through our search engine by bidding on keywords that best fit your site description. Toronto Ontario
Advertisers must ensure that keyword bids are placed only on terms which are relevant to their web page. In order to protect the accuracy of BestGta search results, irrelevant keyword bids may be subject to removal. Headings and descriptions must not be typed in all capital letters. Bids containing ofensive, illegal, slanderous or otherwise objectionable headings or descriptions, or links leading to web pages containing such material may be subject to removal. BestGta no longer accepts keyword bidding from sites with strong adult content. You will not be billed for more than you have spent on paid search listings. If your balance reaches zero, your listings will be suspended until such time as you pay for further click thrus. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management. Visit our website to learn more. Toronto Ontario
Search Engine Canada
Local search engine and website directory covering greater Toronto, using its own search engine, index and original web-spider.. Toronto Ontario
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