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 Socato Ostéopathie
Site de la Société Canadienne pour la Tradition de l'Ostéopathie. Trouver un ostéopathe dans votre région. Aussi, renseignements sur l'ostéopathie, son histoire, sa philosophie et les formations offertes aux membres. Montréal Québec
 Marie-Lyse Ostéopathie Longueuil

L'ostéopathie est une médecine naturelle et manuelle. L'ostéopathe touchent, manipulent et massent les différentes parties du corps du patient à la recherche de déséquilibres ou blessures musculosquelettiques menaçant l'harmonie du corps, notamment les muscles, tendons, nerfs et système sanguin. Le concept de "motilité" ne vise pas qu'à soigner et/ou rétablir la fonction complète d'une zone précise du corps mais considère que le blocage, la tension ou l'usure d'une structure isolables a été causé par un déréglage élargi affectant la totalité du corps. L'analogie de l'horologe mécanique est souvent citée par les chercheurs et professionnels de l'ostéopathie qui rappellent qu'un seul petit ressort affecté changera l'heure au complet et qu'avant de tenter de réparer un rouage, il faut mesure la conséquence obtenue sur tous les autres rouages. Marie-Lyse se spécialise dans les touchers et traitements sans douleur vive idéaux pour les personnes inconfortables lors des touchers corporels mais aussi spécialement pour les enfants et les tout jeunes bébés. Longueuil Rive-Sud Montréal

Ostéopathe clinique privée de Longueuil - Marie-Lyse Laberge Forest

 The Calgary Body Soul & Spirit Expo
New Age
An Online Community & Expo - a unique concept tradeshow and comprehensive web directory focusing a diverse range of subjects from holistic health, alternative medicine, and natural healing to spirituality, astrology, the new age, psychics, based in Canada, but world-wide in content! Canada's Largest and Longest Running Holistic & Spiritual Lifestyle Expo and Community Directory featuring products, services, organizations and resources that foster the individual quest for a healthier, happier and more conscious Lifestyle! Show in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and many new cities scheduled for the coming years. Calgary Alberta
 Essential Energy Healing
Energy healing

Do you suffer from: pain, emotional stress, anxiety, panic attacks or exhaustion? Are you ready to REGAIN your physical & emotional health? If you're ready to try Reiki, then you've come to the right place and I'd like to speak with you! Reiki Master Teacher, Sound & Vibrational Healing, Reiki Certification, Indian Head Massage & Ion Cleanse Detox Independent Zija Distributor ~ Drink Life In! - 403.391.4117 based out of Red Deer, AB. Lacombe Alberta
 Shanti Yoga Studio
Welcome to Shanti Yoga in Edmonton, a calming and peaceful space to retreat to in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Our weekly classes are based in Hatha Yoga, an invigorating practice with focus on building strength from the inside out. This approach promotes balance, physical health, over all well-being and is easily adapted to individual needs. Please choose a class that allows your mind/body to receive the most benefits yoga has to offer. A simple guideline to observe in choosing the right class for you would be if the class relieves tension in the mind/body, rather than creating more of it! Shanti is the Sabskrit word for peace. Edmonton Alberta
Barleylife, Herbal Fiberblend in Canada, with Aim\'s Qwest! The AIM Garden Trio (BarleyLife/Barleygreen, a green juice; AIM Just Carrots, a carrot juice; and AIM RediBeets™, a beet juice) provides us with an excellent nutritional base and is necessary to maintain whole body health. Whole body support results when all body systems are in balance. No single body system is targeted—we make choices that keep all systems toxin-free and that supply all systems with optimum nutrition. Winnipeg Manitoba
 Hideki Takahashi RMT Massage Health Care
Massage Health
Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist / Massage Therapy and Reflexology treatments to help relieve neck, shoulder stiffness and lower back pain, reduce stress and relax the body for all ages. Your well-being is my highest priority. Whether you come for a massage to ease off the tension of tight neck and shoulder muscles or you seek a new flow of energy for your whole body through reflexology, you will receive professional health care of the highest quality in a setting carefully designed to enhance relaxation using environmentally friendly products. Toronto Ontario
 Chair Massage Training by Relax to the Max
The only massage school in Canada specializing in chair massage training. Enjoy the fulfillment and gratification that comes from making people feel great with chair massage. It's a unique and affordable alternative to traditional massage schools. Visit our site for more info. Toronto Ontario
 Smokers Edge
Aids in quitting smoking . You don't light it, contains no tar or nicotine. Call us toll free at 1-888-762-8887 or view our website at Smokers Edge is designed to give you the sensation of inhaling a cigarette. The perfect cigarette alternative for planes, restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools or anywhere that smoking is not permitted. Best of all, it does not contain tar or nicotine and you don't light it. The refreshing flavour of each Smokers Edge can last up to 24 hours of actual inhalation time. Winnipeg Manitoba
 Yarrow Physiotherapy & Acupuncture clinic
A leading physiotherapists clinic in Victoria, BC, Canada for physiotherapy, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, holistic health, and alternative medicine. Established in 1986, Yarrow Physiotherapy & Acupuncture has been acting as a centre for clinical practice, research, and innovation in this field for the past 20 years in the heart of downtown Victoria. The clinic boasts an outstanding team of physiotherapists, courteous support staff, professional management, advanced technologies, and an excellent relationship with a wide network of doctors and other health care practitioners who express their trust in our clinic by continually referring their patients to our clinic for treatment. Yarrow Physiotherapy & Acupuncture (Yarrow) would like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors. We have created this web site to enlighten the inquiring minds about physiotherapy, holistic health and alternative/ complementary medicine (particularly Acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral Therapy). Victoria BC
 Mind Your Body
This oasis at Dupont and Bathurst in Toronto is the place to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Gentle bodywork (The Trager® Approach or Shiatsu) reduces stress and increases energy ~ you’ll float away. Mind Your Body is located in Toronto, Ontario and focuses on gentle bodywork specializing in Shiatsu and The TRAGER® Approach. A NO PAIN, MORE GAIN approach is applied which helps relieve tension while achieving positive, long lasting results. Contact us to learn more about The Trager Approach and our philosophy of health and well being. Toronto Ontario
 Began Health
Holistic Approach
All Began Health therapists are fully registered massage therapists. The primary objective of Began Health is to provide therapeutic services to executives and their employees at their office to help: decrease sick time/absenteeism, increase productivity, decrease overall healthcare costs, increase employee/employer relations, respond to current injuries and assist in prevention of repetitive strain injuries. Began Health clients will benefit by decreasing muscle tension, increasing physical wellness, decreasing or eliminating pain, increasing body awareness and mental clarity and decreasing recovery time from injuries. Toronto Ontario
 Kore Changes
Palmistry consultation and instruction, healing services, and ceremonial facilitation that honours change at all parts of an individual's journey. The site highlights existing services, an upcoming workshop series, and energetically conscious gifts tools for individuals, families and communities. Toronto Ontario
 Alexander Technique Atlantic
The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical way to improve your health and enhance your performance. Rather than treating symptoms, it succeeds by addressing the underlying cause: the habitual disturbance of your postural reflexes in everything you do. Members of Alexander Technique Atlantic (ATA) are highly skilled teachers with over 20 years experience. Private Tuition, Workshops and Courses in the Alexander Technique the iPAC way. Better Posture, Greater Poise, Improved Health. Halifax Nova Scotia
 Clinique d'Ostéopathie à Montréal - Osteopathy in Montreal
Osteopathic clinic in Montreal, Quebec. - Treatments for babies and adults, pregnant women and sports injury. - Christine Dierick and Mikhael Samaan, European trained osteopaths : BSc.(Hons)Osteopathy, D.O. (Maidstone, UK), Members of the Quebec Register of Osteopaths (ROQ). Montreal Quebec
 Colon Hydrotherapy, Ion Cleanse, Lymphatic Drainage & More in Edmonton
Colon hydrotherapy, ion cleanse therapy, lymphatic drainage, thought field therapy, neuroacoustic therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, colonics & more in Edmonton & Tofield Alberta, Canada. Consultations to determine the therapies most beneficial for you & your goals are available. Cleansing is essential for Health. Stress Reduction may be a necessity. Edmonton Alberta
 Vibrancy Energy Therapy and Wellness
Energy Therapy
Vibrancy is located in the heart of Toronto, and offers Reiki treatments as well as V.I.B.E. Machine electromagnetic therapy. Based on years of extensive research, and gleaned from the technologies of scientists Nicola Tesla, Lakhovsky and Royal Rife, the V.I.B.E. Machine was developed by Gene Koonce of VIBE Technologies (USA). There are very few VIBE Machines in Canada as the technology is very new. We are dedicated to offering this unique service to anyone who may benefit from it. Toronto Ontario
As Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) - broadly defined as forms of therapy not generally accepted by conventional medicine at a certain point in time - has become an increasingly prominent component of the health care system, there is a need for more information on these practices. Toronto Ontario
 Action Naturopathic
Natural Therapies
A multidisciplinary health clinic in mid-Toronto with a unique focus on athletes and families. Offering naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, athletic therapy, massage therapy and holistic nutrition. In order to enjoy an active lifestyle, you need to make sure your body is running smoothly. At Action Naturopathic our healthcare team of Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractor and Massage Therapist are committed to assisting you achieve optimal health, productivity and performance. We will work with you to explore different aspects of your health including performance enhancement, optimal nutrition, immune function, stress management, injury rehabilitation, digestive function, and adequate rest and recovery. We will also determine the best natural therapies to treat your health concerns from weight management, digestive concerns, allergies and asthma to migraines and headaches, arthritis, diabetes, mental/emotional health, and much more. Toronto Ontario
 Wholistix ~ Natural Tools for Wellness
Canada's online retail source for natural health and wellness products, yoga and meditation, chakras and vibrational energy healing tools ... Body, Mind and Spirit healing, growth and transformation. Wholistix is a newly founded wholistic creation located in rural Central Alberta, Canada. Designed as an online holistic store with natural products for holistic healing, natural health, and vibrational energy work ... alternative ways for body, mind and spirit wellness. In addition to being Canada's holistic retail source, Wholistix provides knowledge and wisdom for everyone's health and wellness, healing, growth and transformation. Central Alberta
 Trucs Minceur - Amincissement Allure-Svelte
Ouvert depuis 2005, Soudainement Svelte a pour seul et unique but, redonner à chaque personne, son équilibre émotionnel et sa confiance en soi et ce, par le biais d’une technique de raffermissement importée des Etats-Unis, Body Wrap. Saint-Lambert Quebec
 Healthy You Naturally
Natural Health Practitioner: Expert Counselling, Guidance and Support Services Since 1994. “You owe it to yourself to discover just how effective and rewarding a natural approach to health can be.” Consider Holistic Health Care Services from a holistic health practitioner who incorporate proven holistic modalities and therapies designed to help you in making quality of life decisions that directly influence your health today and in the years ahead. Mississauga Ontario
Healing Earth Herbals is an Organic Herbal Medicine Clinic and Dispensary in the James Bay Community Project, Victoria, BC. Call or email to make an appointment! Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine on the planet. It has been gaining more and more popularity over the last decade or so and many people are now rediscovering the healing power locked within the plants around us. Herbal Medicines are safe and gentle, but they are still medicines. That being said, it is best to seek out professional assistance when trying to decide what the best herbal medicines are for you. Getting professional advice not only minimizes the risk or adverse reactions, but greatly increases the success rate for you. Victoria BC
 Vancouver Alternative Health Clinic
Acupuncture services including acupressure, moxibustion, cupping and reflexology. Rachelle Wendt, your doctor of traditional chinese medicine. Located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Serving the North Shore's classical acupuncture needs since 1998. A foundation of knowledge with 5 years of studies at the International College of TCM Vancouver and an intensive clinical internship at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui College of TCM, P.R. of China. Vancouver BC
Naturopathic Doctors Patricia Yik and Colin Race operate their family practices in Northwest Calgary. Whether your goal is treatment or prevention of disease, Naturopathic Medicine aims to treat the underlying cause. Naturopathic Medicine treats all forms of health concerns - from pediatric to geriatric, acute infection to chronic illness and physical to psychological. Specific health concerns and treatments include nutrition, lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, weight loss management, detoxification, stress management, and allergy testing. Calgary Alberta
 Grosvenor Chiropractic
Grosvenor Chiropractic is your neighborhood Chiropractor with 22 years of professional chiropractic experience serving the River Heights, Corydon, Academy, Wellington, Osborne, Stafford, Cambridge and Wellington areas. Located at 802A Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, MB close to the corner of Grosvenor Avenue and Arbuthnot Street they offer a full range of Chiropractic services. Winnipeg Manitoba
 Yuen Method Edmonton - Natural Pain Elimination Therapy
The Yuen Method™ of pain elimination is a revolutionary natural energetic technique that seeks to immediately eliminate pain & improve lifestyle performance. It identifies the specific causes of energetic weaknesses blocking the body’s energy flow & restores the energy necessary to support mental, physical & health. Edmonton Alberta
Alternative Health
Heat 4 Health is a Far-Infrared Sauna detox spa that focuses on helping you reach your optimal position of health and wellness, feel awesome and look great! We have 3 locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Heat 4 Health provides our customers with a relaxed, comfortable and private environment in which to use our far-infrared sauna beds.Our far infrared sauna beds are also available to purchase for home use--just ask one of our friendly staff by calling 780-710-HEAT and pressing #4. Edmonton Alberta
Montreal Holistic Centre offers Counselling, Personalized Meditation, Affiliate Services such as reflexology and massotherapy. As well we offer meditation books and cds, clary sage smudge sticks, and rainbow meditation shawls. MHC\'s services are available in our offices on the West Island, and on-location to Individuals and Corporations. Montreal Quebec
 Craig Mollins Structural Integration
Structural Integration (a.k.a. rolfing) is a method of soft tissue manipulation that restores your natural physical balance. Balance meaning your body can be more uplifted and light, your centre of gravity or core can become stronger, and your movements can become more efficient, graceful, and relaxed. This is accomplished through gentle yet deep hands on manipulation of your body’s soft tissues. Created by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Structural Integration has been scientifically validated, and is widely respected as an effective modality by both the mainstream and alternative healing communities. Toronto
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