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ManMade A Canadian Headshop
Online Headshop selling glass smoking pipes; bongs, bubblers, waterpipes, inside out smoking pipes, metal smoking pipes, wood smoking pipes and smoking accessories.

Passive Smoking - Where There's Smoke. Since this is Stop Smoking Week, an article on the effects of Passive Smoking seems appropriate. There is ample evidence of the damage active smoking does,

Health Consequences of Smoking Smoking is associated with an increased overall morbidity and mortality. This was recognized early in the era of industrialized cigarette production and mass use. In

Smokers Get Ill Sooner, Study Says
Everything for People Concerned About Smoking and Protecting the Rights of Nonsmokers.

Quit Smoking with Butt-it-Out Herbal Medicines
Quit smoking with smoking cessation medicines approved by Health Canada and registered with the FDA. All natural smoking deterrents guarantee that you will quit smoking or your money back.

Blair's Quitting Smoking Resources
Excellent Support to Help You to Quit Smoking! Today is What a Great Day to Quit Smoking! On the Internet Since January 1st, 1990 and We Are Starting Our 14th year of Quit Smoking Support!

The Nbac (The never Buy Another Cigarette) Stop Smoking Program
Stop-Smoking Canada

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking
Quit smoking with the world’s most effective method – Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Forget the patch, gum, hypnosis, acupuncture, cold turkey and Zyban, which have success rates of less.

Google Groups -

Novartis Habitrol Stop Smoking System
A free online smoking cessation program with quit smoking resources, Success Stories, Public Pledges, Quitting Tips, and the Internet's largest Support Community.

Tobacco Road
Tobacco Road Information for smokers and health care providers Cigarette smoking ranks as the number one cause of preventable death in developed countries, killing more than illicit drugs, AIDS...

Tobacco Industry Quietly Funding Groups to Stop Smoking By-laws
APPENDIX I LINKAGES WITH THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY The following faxed article was retyped November 3, 1999. Alberta Free Press - May, 1996 Tobacco Industry Quietly Funding Groups to Stop Smoking

Tobacco - Nova Scotia Communities Taking Action
Provincial Tobacco Conference (October 2001) Action in your Community against Tobacco (Act) Smoke-Free Nova Scotia Smokers' Helpline National Non-Smoking Week 2004 Overview of the Act to Protect...

Stop Smoking Now
A quick, painless way to Stop Smoking Now. Also, treatments for alcohol and drug addictions, weight loss and stress management.

Alberta Tobacco Reduction Strategy
Contact Us | Search | Site Map | Home Watch AADAC's new anti-smoking ads What's in a cigarette? Click here to find out Call for proposals 2005 Aboriginal Tobacco Use Strategy Grant AADAC is now

Cunningham’s Scotch Cold Smoking
Cunningham’s is a family run Scotch Cold Smoking company producing the finest quality smoked salmon and trout, Arctic char, candied Chinook salmon and pates.
The site exists to create a forum for youth to share their thoughts and find out more about the tobacco industry and smoking.

Truth About Tobacco: Economic Costs - Yukon Tobacco Reduction Strategy
Every year, Yukoners just like you quit smoking. Each success is built on a unique combination of planning, desire, motivation, strategy, support and willpower. Many have found the resources they...

Health Canada's Tobacco Control Programme regulates tobacco and promotes initiatives that reduce or prevent the harm associated with smoking.

Clear Nicoderm CV Nicotine transdermal system 21mg delivered over 24 hours with patented smartcontrol technology. Move than 10 cigarettes per = start with step 1. Begin with 14 clear patches, once a day, for a 2 week long personal program.

Nicoderm patches 14 days

A-Channel Ottawa

Quit Smoking with Nicotine Free Cigarettes
Non-addictive nicotine free cigarettes let smokers keep smoking while withdrawing from nicotine addiction, Made from the cocoa bean. A great alternative to the patch, pill or gum.

Teenwavez - Facts and information on Teen topics - Teen topics: Smoking, Self Image, Relationships, Nutrition, Drugs site map | acknowledgements Teenwavez is a site geared to teens. Topics include body image, smoking,

Tobacco Facts
Thousands die every year because of smoking and other tobacco-related causes. Many more get sick from it. That's why a key part of the BC Government's Tobacco Strategy is to stop kids from smoking

Go Smokefree! Health Canada
Health Canada's Tobacco Control Programme regulates tobacco and promotes initiatives that reduce or prevent the harm associated with smoking.

Airspace - Action on Smoking and Health
Airspace Action on Smoking & Health 141-831, 6200 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC Canada V5H 4M9 Dedicated to making the Tobacco Industry a Health Hazard of the Past 17 years of V ital Health Advocacy

Smoking Cessation

Action On Smoking And Health - Canada
Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) is Western Canada's leading tobacco control agency. ASH's leadership on the tobacco issue has helped to shape local, provincial, and national strategies to reduce.

Stop Smoking For Good
Stop Smoking For Good - All-new way to “butt out”. Doctor tested and endorsed. 10-piece audio CD kit just $39.95CDN sug. retail. Need distributors now! Exclusive sales territories!

Selzler Hypnotherapy
Quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, increase success, eliminate phobias, improve sports performance; Selzler Hypnosis.

You and Me, Smokefree: Health Canada for Youth
Does smoking help you lose weight? Speak Out! Take part in our 2nd hand smoke poll Youth Action Committee Cigarettes Inside Out Find out what's really in cigarette smoke. Gross! Did You Know?

Tobacco Road: A guide for Smokers and Health Care Providers
Molson Medical Informatics Project Student Project Site Faculty of Medicine McGill University Tobacco Road: A guide for Smokers and Health Care Providers Student Author(s): Sergio Almeida, Med

Dying of Cancer, She Used Her Last Days to Warn Kids
02:16 PM EDT Jul 07 Indepth » Viewpoint » Barbara Tarbox Dying of cancer, she used her last days to warn kids of the dangers of smoking Justin Thompson, CBC News Online When doctors diagnosed

Lungs Are For Life
Lungs Are For Life is the Ontario Lung Association's smoking prevention program for students from kindergarten through Grade 12. Teaching materials and classroom activities develop skills needed...

Catching Our Breath: A Journal About Change for Women who Smoke
Catching our Breath: A Journal about change for women who smoke, explores some of the problems women must overcome to quit smoking, or to reduce the amount they smoke. Also explores why women...

Saskatchewan Lung Association
Skip navigation. Main Menu Home Lung Diseases Donations Kids MLAs Media Health Professionals Teachers Programs Events Tobacco Smoking Research Air About Us Canadian Lung Association Lung Groups ©

Artemis Therapy Group
Singles and couples counselling using cognitive behaviour therapy, eft, EFT, for suicide, depression, panic and anxiety, phobias, relationship issues, addictions, smoking, weight issues.Cognitive

Caduceus Hypnotherapy Centre
By using hypnotherapy hypnosis NLP and other effective natural mind therapies our centre will help you achieve your goals! Weight Loss Stop Smoking Stress Management Confidence Fears and so much more!

Holistic Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management, Childbirth, Smoking Cessation and More.

Jarret Kray - Hypotherapy
Toronto Hypnotherapist Jarret Kray provides Toronto Hypnotherapy for quit smoking (Canada), weight loss,

Barrie Hypnosis Centre
private consulations for stop quit smoking, weight loss programs, fears phobias.

Chemicals in Smoke
Factsheets General Key Indicators, 2001-2003 Number of smokers, industry profits, government expenditures. Smokers and the cigarettes they smoke Smoking Prevalence 1965 - 2003 ( percentage of

Question Pipes Hand Made Smoking Pipes
These pipes are all had made from various ceramic techniques. each pipe is hidden -

Hypnotherapy - Kim Boudreau, Hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapy Langley - Hypnotherapist Kim Boudreau Experience change with hypnosis, stop smoking, lose weight and more. Located in Surrey, BC Canada

Brigham Enterprises Inc.
ENTER Brigham, Brigham pipes, Lowlander, smoking pipes, pipe repair, pipe cleaning, cigars, Dona Flor cigars, Backwoods cigars, Henry Clay cigars, Flor de Copan cigars, Hoja de Nicaragua cigars,

Centres D'Arrêt Stop-Tabac Inc
Quitting smoking can be very difficult. You feel tense, suffer from fatigue, irritation, have difficulty to concentrate and suffer from cravings, you are craving the nicotine that you were getting

Quit Smoking For Good!
A Twelve Week Nicotine Recovery Program. Group program. Professional leadership. Multifaceted approach. Proven methods. Highly successful.

Smoke Free Calgary Bylaw Campaign
Register your opinion on a proposed amendment to Calgary's smoking bylaw in restaurants, workplaces, and other indoor places where children have access.

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