Paranormal and Ghost Hunters in Canada



Nicola Valley Ghost Hunters
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New hobby group investigating paranormal activity in the Nicola Valley and area for research- New members welcome!

British Columbia and Canada Wide Toll Free UFO Hotline
Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated United States and Worldwide UFO/Abduction Reporting Center HBCC UFO Research has created a British Columbia and Canada wide Toll Free UFO

Zodiac Sign
Birth Chart astrology reports, free daily horoscopes, free Life Theme report based on your date of birth.

Norma Cowie
Tarot Card Readings, Past Life Regression , Transformation of personal blocks: Books, Tapes, Videos & More

Canadian Tarot Network
Welcome to the homepage of the Canadian Tarot Network. We hope you enjoy our site, it is a great resouce to all Tarot lovers, from serious students of Tarot, to collectors of Tarot cards, to...
Famous psychic advisors provide honest, authentic, professional psychic readings, tarot cards readings. Text and web cam chat and phone, email readings. Free readings with membership. Low rates.

All About You Psychic Readings
Psychic Consultations/Readings Online, Or By Phone.

Raziel Rosss
Raziel Ross, British psychic practising in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Insightful Psychics
We are a family of truly gifted psychics here to help you with answers to questions about love, money, career, relationships and help guide you down the right path in your life.

Paranormal Explorers
Paranormal in Canada
A group of non-profit Alberta, Canada ghost hunters (Alberta Paranormal Researchers Association), seeking out the proof behind hauntings and other paranormal phenomena.

Ghost hunter Toronto

Jeffs Paranormal Canada
I am a paranormal investigator out of Barrie Ontario, I document a investigate paranormal activity throughout Southern Ontario.

Montreal Paranormal Investigations
Investigation Equipment
A collection of photos and infos from a sensitive personal experiences in haunted buildings...still under construction.

Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations
Ghost Phenomena
Investigating paranormal occurances in Calgary and Southern Alberta. If you live in the Calgary or Southern Alberta area, and you feel that there may be some paranormal activity in your...

Ottawa Haunting & Paranormal Group - Canada
Welcome to the official Web Site of Ottawa Haunting & Paranormal Group Founded in 2001, the first organization of paranormal investigators and researchers of its kinds specific to Ottawa, serving East.

PSS Paranormal

Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation
We are a paranormal research Organization.

Esoteric Book Review
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paranormal books, paranormal information, alien agenda, jim marrs, rule by secrecy, the biggest secret, david icke, conspiracy, ancient archaeology, predictions, government cover ups, mysteries...

The Astral World
Dark Stories
General Paranormal and Unexplained Mysteries Site. Ghosts - once you get used to them they're not so scary. Information
, pictures and personal experiences will be added as we go along. You'll also find other kinds of paranormal phenomena in here.

PPRI Ontario
This is a paranormal organization in London Ontario. Learn London's haunted past as well as request an investigation in your area.

Spectral Investigators Group of Alberta Canada
(This Website is under construction)
Edmonton based paranormal research and investigations group. Grounded in scientific based research and do not subscribe to questionable procedures and tactics.

Spooky Ontario
Paranormal Activity
We are dedicated to bringing you information from our field investigations of hauntings and haunted places. We also offer you a place to post your paranormal experiences.

Shrouded Reality (In validation process)
Articles about the paranormal.

Vancouver Paranormal Canada
Haunted House
Supernatural BC? You bet!!! Vancouver has spirits and we seek them out. Vancouver and surrounding area. Free assistance and available at short notice, we will come out and do an investigation.

Golden Triangle Mediums: Psychic Readings
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Two mediums offer psychic development classes, mediumship readings, psychometry readings, energy healings and paranormal investigations. Canada
Personal and collected pictures of the paranormal.

Society of Paranormal Encounters of Canada
Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated S.P.E.C.T.E.R. History/Background Demons or Ghosts? Living with Ghosts Ghosts in Your Pictures? Photo Album How to Photograph Ghosts in...

The 'X' Zone Radio Show
The 'X' Zone is Canada's only internationally syndicated radio show on the paranormal and parapsychology!

(To be verified)
Amateur Investigators, spoofing the paranormal unlike any other group.

Dimensions of the North Atlantic Canada
A team of paranormal investigators based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, dedicated to investigating and researching the unknown.

Paranormal Phenomena, Research and Investigation (PPRI)
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Want us to investigate in Ontario? Contact the Paranormal Phenomena, Research and Investigation (PPRI) chapter director at: (519) 520-4432 (Please leave voice mail or text messaging after hours!) Welcome! Find out more about our upcoming.

Spirit-Quest E-Zine And Community Canada
Psychic Reading
A Spiritual / Paranormal E-Zine And Member Based Community. Learn about OBEs, Ghosts, Angels, Psychic Abilities and more! Create an online journal, and participate in discussion forums.

MangaCore BBS
(Website down)
Anime MangaCore BBS Roleplaying Robotech The Paranormal e-mail Welcome! This is my domain, and i keep my personal pages here. Not much at the moment, mainly just my Anime Episode Guide site.

St. John's Haunted Hike Canada
The St. John's Haunted Hike ghost tour, for the traveler with a taste for the paranormal!

Creepy Canada / Paranormal Phenomena
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Starlight Dreams - Celenea - Psychic
Provides such things as workshops, articles, readings, crystals, rune sets, channel boards, meditation group and parties...

Rescue Medium Canada
(Website not responding for now)
Haunted? My specialty is assisting earthbound spirits into The LIGHT. (DE-Hauntings) . Please see my web page for details. Many Blessings, Sheila.

Tara, Tarot & Astrology Consultant
Professional Tarot & Astrology Consultant. Indepth, insightfull readings since 1991 at Corporate Events, Private Parties, Bar Mitzvahs and individuals. 416 461 1999.

Canadian Love Psychic Lady Alura
Lady Alura is a Canadian Clairvoyant. She is also know to many of her clients by her given name Joanna. Her remarkable psychic gifts have earned her an international reputation...

Darklane Psychic Entertainment and Consultations
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Popular Ontario tarot, palm, handwriting analysis, tea leaf, oriental face reading and photo analysis readers. 613 878 2768 or 613 725 2770

Clairvoyant Gifts
Toronto-based clairvoyant medium gives accurate readings with specific details.

Spiritual Wisdom
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Find out what Modern Spiritualism has to offer. Keep up-to-date on special events, education, ongoing discussions, online Chat and Sunday service information at this Scarborough, Ontario church.

Tarot-Psychometry Readings and Handmade Botanical Products
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tarot psychometry psychic readings botanical herbal products in Hamilton Ontario

Child Search / Enfant Recherche
Free international 24 hour 7 day service offered by psychic Robert Lindblad for pinpointing the whereabouts of missing/kidnapped children in an instant.

The Insider - Conspiracy Theory-New World Order News
Freedom of knowledge-power of thought. Truths beyond the media. Uncovering truths in corporate and government conspiracy in global control of resources and its people.

Cormex Research - media analysis, media monitoring, communications, consulting
Canada's leader in media content measurement and analysis.

Ontario Vampires
Yahoo! My Yahoo! Mail Sign In New User? Sign Up Groups Home - Help OntarioVampires · An open discussion list for Real Vampires in Ontario and the surrounding area [ Join This Group! ]

Tarot Canada International / Paranormal Phenomena

Darken Souls
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The source to learn about the unknown.

Mysteries of Canada - Nova Scotia Canada
Mysteries of Canada WHAT'S NEW Stories by Location Stories by Author Idea Centre Search Home Nova Scotia The Mystery of the Mary Celeste The Treasure Pit of Oak Island The Profile in the Window of...


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