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Emotional Smarts - June Donaldson Calgary Alberta
Emotional SMARTS! is our ability to take responsibility for our psychological wellness during times of change.

Men's Project Ottawa
A counselling service for men and their families, the Men's Project focuses on sexual abuse recovery, anger management, emotional intelligence, and ending violence.

Emotional Awareness Project
Lee Saunders presents a healthy approach to healing old wounds, emotional and psyche repairs; changing outlook and behaviors to a more constructive, productive, approach.

Richard E. Ward
Welcome to the website of Richard Ward. Richard is healer using Reiki - in the Usui System of Natural Healing tradition - and EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. He is an ordained Minister in the...

Health Dynamics, Homeopathy, Heilkunst Live Blood Analysis
Taking people on a journey to better health using the medical system of Heilkunst and Homeopathy. Addressing physical, emotional, mental, soul/spiritual aspects for attaining better health.

Truthful Healings Amherstburg Ontario Canada
Serving Windsor & Essex County, Truthful Healings is dedicated to helping people heal a variety of pain with truth and love. Whether physical or emotional, we offer information, services and products...

Riyaz Adat, Emotional wisdom and clarity coach Newmarket Ontario
It is an art to know people skills and understand its fundamentals including negotiation, knowing how impression management works and what both parties involved in the communication are interpreting.

Institute for Health & Human Potential
Emotional intelligence
IHHP offers emotional intelligence training, selection & development tools, and keynote programs that focus on increasing EQ in individuals and organizations.

Panic attack treatment

Muki Baum On-Line
Emotional competences
Check It Out Updated: 23-Dec-2003 3:44 PM It is our mission to provide people who have developmental and emotional disabilities with a window of opportunity through which they will be able to... Toronto

Emotional consultant
i n t o r o n t o Centre for Psychotherapy & Emotional Bodywork Institute for Psychotherapy & Emotional Bodywork Sabbatical Programs The Journey Programs : The Journey Program The Ministry Journey

Lori Kay
Holistic counselling works from the theory that the mind and the body are related. By supporting the body through dietary awareness while simultaneously addressing emotional issues, the client is...

MHS, Multi Health Systems
MHS is a knowledge-based, customer and growth-driven company engaged in the development, marketing, and delivery of high-quality, standardized and integrated assessment and diagnostic products as...

The Country Club - Winnipeg Manitoba
We are a community where any woman can connect and learn more about Management, find a Personal or Business Mentor and gain Emotional Intelligence.

Janice Berger and Associates
Emotional counselling
Psychotherapist, Emotional Fitness author, family life educator, and consultant, Janice Berger has spent over 26 years helping people work through the scars of past and present trauma and more.

Knowledge Track Programs - Deane Eldredge Edmonton Alberta
A consulting and training firm specializing in leadership development, team communication, Speed-Reading, the Write Rules for Business, Emotional Intelligence (EQ vs. IQ).

Sexual Abuse Forums at Recovery Canada
Wellness recovery
Online support network for victims and survivors of a variety of life-affecting physical, emotional, spritual challenges.

SpiritCoach Vancouver BC
SpiritCoach provides 3 support methods: Breakthrough Bodywork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and coaching, an ongoing support system.

Elizabeth A. Hines, Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Natural Well-being Retreat & Spa Weekend. Educational well-being event promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Various locations Ontario. (Hamilton)...

Counseling Hypnotherapy Center
Quit smoking, emotional healing, weight management, habits, personal growth, pain, stress, fear, depression, enuresis, confidence, relationships, sexual health, psychologically based symptoms.

TWDD meditation
Our goal - share with as many people the teachings of the Talismanic Wheel & Diamond Dharma (TWDD) meditation teaching to those who want a method to help them with their physical/emotional well being.

Pussywillow Preschool Vancouver
2865 Peatt Road, Victoria, BC V9B 3V7 Phone (250) 474-0656 Working with families to provide individual social, emotional, cognitive physical development for each and every child.

Saskatoon Youth Longitudinal Study Saskatoon Saskatchewan
The goal of the research being conducted is to examine the impact of positive and negative experiences with friends and peers on social and emotional adjustment during early and mid-adolescence.

Gallery at 129 Ossington
Gallery at 129 Ossington is a private contemporary art gallery located in Toronto's thriving Queen St West gallery district.

Child and Youth Care Program
Not everyone makes it through school years, adolescence and early adulthood with ease and success. Some young people experience neglect, failure, emotional distress or family breakdown that can... Edmonton

Markings - Body, Mind and Spirit North-Vancouver
Markings: Body (the Material Universe), Mind (the Emotional/Feeling Universe) and Spirit (the underlying ethos of the Universe): Welcome to my World!

Stress Free (Vulnerability Test and Stress Audit) Winnipeg
Stress Free NET Stress, Anxiety, Psychological and Emotional pressures affect all of us in our daily lives. Welcome to the StressFree Net home page and virtual offices for the StressFree Network.

Healing Resourses
Emotional stress
A guide to healing resources on the Net! Find links and info on Emotions, Depression, Addictions, Grief, Loss and Healing from Emotional, Physical, or Sexual Abuse

Hypnosis Healing Centre
Home About Us Our Centre Our Affiliations Our Policy Hypnosis What is Hypnosis Links Emotional Freedom Techniques What is EFT Classes Links Client Services What to expect Fees Workshops Hypnosis.

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