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 EazyPaper Auto-Formats APA-MLA-Turabian-CMS Term Papers. Free Trial
E-Learning Books
EazyPaper auto-formats footnotes, endnotes, table of contents, bibliography and more. Create a personal database. Search world libraries. See demo now. Enter the author, title, publisher, etc. and in one click EazyPaper perfectly places and spaces your footnote AND bibliographic entry. Visit libraries from around the world in just seconds with EazyLibrary. Search by title, or author. EazyLibrary is also a great way to store your research data for later recall. Save tons of research hours with EazyLibrary. Calgary Alberta
 Bookyards Library To The World
E-Learning Softwares
Our goal is to be "The Library To The World", in which books, education materials, information, and content will be provided freely to anyone who has an internet connection. Bookyards has a total of 9,549 books, 22,391 web links, 3,038 news & blogs and 200,000 eBooks for your reading pleasure. (April 22nd 2006) Montreal Quebec
 CRP Health
Information portal about C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and hs-CRP testing for healthcare providers and general public featuring news, online presentations, videos and other resources. Montreal Quebec
 Learn Spanish Free Online
Teach me
Online Spanish learning materials for grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugations, conversation, and more. Drop your textbook and utilize these FREE online lessons to kickstart your learning. Ontario
E-Learning Consultant
eLearning Board is the website to online education provides a broad selection of online classes and learning resources, from self-development to continuing professional education to corporate training. Montreal
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